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A new comedy with a heart of gold.

Janis Barlow is the book volunteer for the local community library – since the cuts, since she was ‘retired’ from the hair salon.

She’s got to keep herself busy.

Janis pops round the county in her Smart car with her basket of books delivering to people who can’t get out to the library. She’s got a secret agenda though … personal development!

Her own personal development has taken many forms, synchronised swimming, meditation and all the therapies you can think of. She starts to take her crystals and her rollers with her and begins to transform lives in her community.

She also starts to realise that underneath, it’s her who is lonely and that doing good does you good too.

A feel good play looking rural isolation right in the eye that will make you laugh and maybe shed a little tear.

Tour Dates:

4th October Winthorpe Community Centre, Nottinghamshire

14th October Pattingham Village Hall, Staffordshire

25th October Rutland County Museum, Oakham

13th March 2020      7:30 pm Billinghay Community Rooms,

14th March 2020      7:30 pm Enderby Civic Centre, Leicestershire