Ruby & Cedar

005_Ruby and Cedar_Pamela Raith Photography

Love & grief & space. A new play with its head among the stars.

It’s the annual visit home but something’s changed…

Sisterhood is eclipsed by sibling rivalry. Sinister, funny & for anyone who’s loved, hated or lost someone.

By Alison Dunne

Where To See Ruby & Cedar

Nottingham Playhouse 16th October 2019 – as part of the Amplify Festival

Upstairs at the Western 17th & 18th October 2019

Newbold Verdon Library 19th October 2019

The Civic Stourport (Worcestershire) 23rd April 2020

Spital Arts (Derbyshire) 24th April 2020    

Allington Village Hall (Lincolnshire) 25th April 2020